Corporate Headquarters

200 S Railroad Ave.
Bridgeville, DE 19933
(302) 337-3600

Now with a second location!

5692 Kieser Gap Road
Franklin, WV 26807
(304) 358-7000

Volume Conversion of Units

Name Of Unit: quart (U.S. fluid)
Symbol: qt (US)
Definition: ≡ ¼ gal (US fl)
Relation to SI units: = 946.352 946 ×10−6 m³

Our Products

Horney Industrial Electronics uses products from the following companies to create systems that will monitor and maintain your industrial electronics.

AGM - Data aquision, signal conditioners

BACO Controls - Push buttons and operators

Danfoss - Pressure transducers

Dwyer Instruments - Pump controls, tranducers, valves

GF Signet - Providing multiple solutions for virtually all fluid processing requirements

Gray Line - Doppler ultra sonic flowmeters

Honeywell - Controllers, recorders

KEP - HMI's, flow products, counters, timers

LMI Milton Roy - Electronic chemical metering pumps

Pulsafeeder - Chemical feed pumps

Sensorex - Electrodes and more

Siemens - Electro magnetic flow devices

SJE Rhombus - Alarm panels, controls

Time Mark - Delay relays