Corporate Headquarters

200 S Railroad Ave.
Bridgeville, DE 19933
(302) 337-3600

Now with a second location!

5692 Kieser Gap Road
Franklin, WV 26807
(304) 358-7000

Instrument Types

Horney Industrial Electronics performs work on the following types of instruments.

These instruments measure the volume of flow in steam, gas, air, or water.

Instruments that measure the force of steam, gas, air, of water.

Neutralizing water and waste water is accomplished with these types of instruments.

D.O. (Dissolve Oxygen)
Checking the oxygen level for the nutrients (bugs) of waste water

Using ultrasonic to test level, too much bubbling or foaming will cause for erratic readings. So, then you want to use a submersible pressure transmitter (toss-in).

Total and free residual online monitoring of chlorine levels in water.

We use LMI fluoride saturator for the fluoridation of drinking water.

These instruments are used to control the different instruments above.