AGM Electronics - Signal Conversion, Conditioning & Isolation, Computation, Signal Selection, Control, Communication, Telemetry, Annunciation Data Logging, Display, Interface
Allied Moulded - Industrial Enclosures and Accessories, AMR Series Raised Cover Enclosures, Hinged Front Panels
BACO Controls - Industrial Switches, Push Buttons, Selector Switches, Pilot Lights, Emergency Stops
Brainchild - Paperless Recorders Products which include Videographic Recorders, Paperless Chart Recorders and Temperature Chart Recorders
Citel - In order to limit surges generated by lightning to an acceptable level for equipment and installations, the most efficient solution is setting up a protection device against these surges, called « SPD » (Surge Protective Devices) on AC power or communication networks of the installation to protect
CUI - External AC-DC, Internal AC-DC, DC-DC Converters, Power Filters
DataTaker - DataTaker is one of the worlds leading brands of general purpose and specialized in data loggers and data recording equipment
Dwyer Instruments - Process Controllers,Valves, Level Switches, Pump Controllers, Hydrostatic Submersed Level Transmitters, Miniature Submersible Transmitter that is low power voltage
GF Signet - Flow Sensors, Flow Instruments, Conductivity/Resistivity Instruments, pH/ORP Sensors
Greyline Instruments - Ultrasonic Level, Flow Meters, Open Channel Flow Meters
Hach - Turbidimeters, Analyzers, Samplers, Online Sensors & Controllers, Reagents and Standards
Honeywell - Process Controllers and Chart Recorders, Chart Paper, Pens & more
KEP - HMI's, Controllers and Displays, Flow Measurement and PLC, Flow Computer
LMI Milton Roy - LMI Electronic Chemical Metering Pumps, Parts & Repair kits, Saturator ASM W/ Tank, Floride
Mean Well - CUI Switching Power Supplies, LED Driver, LED Accessories
Miscellaneous Parts - Selective items at a discounted price
MJK Automation - High Quality On-Line Instrumentation for Measurement of Level and Flow
Phoenix Contact - Connectors, Terminal Blocks
Pulsafeeder - Chemical Metering Pumps, KOP Kits, Pump Parts
Rosemount Analytical - Analyzers, Transmitters and Sensors for the continuous on-line measurement of pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Ozone, Chlorine, and Turbidity
Sensaphone - Continuous Temperature Monitoring. Sensaphone's line of remote monitoring products safeguard property, alert abnormal conditions like high temperatures and report critical data
Sensorex - Sensorex specializes in Electrochemical and Optical Sensors for measuring and controlling water quality.
Siemens - Magnetic Flow Meters, Open Channel Flow Products, Ultrasonic Level
SJE Rhombus - Pump control solutions for residential, commercial, municipal, industrial and agricultural applications
Time Mark - 3-Phase Line Testers, 3-Phase Monitors, Alternating Relays, Current Monitors, Custom Controls, Liquid Level Controls, Time Delay Relays, Timer Accessories, Transformers/Transducers, Voltage Monitors
TIP Temperature - Temperature Monitoring Devices,Thermocouples, RTD's, Infrared, Bi-Metal Thermometers and Thermistors