AGM AGM Converter Analog to Pulse, p/n# TA 5000-0 AGM Quantimer, 4-20 mADC Input, Relay Drive Output.. Product #: TA 5000-0 Regular price: $533.00 $533.00 2 - 3 Days

AGM Converter Analog to Pulse, p/n# TA 5000-0


Product Code: TA 5000-0
Brand: AGM
Availability: 2 - 3 Days

AGM Quantimer, Any Analog Input, Relay Drive Output (plug-in replacement module, spare part), 24 VDC.

The group 5000 Pulse Duration Transmitter which is available in a variety of plug-in/DIN Rail Mount/Surface Mount options is a modular instrument based on integrated circuit technology and is encapsulated to provide an environmental seal.

The group 5000 converts an electrical analog input signal to a periodic time-proportional electrical-contact closure. The input may be an analog voltage, current or resistance value. The output is a mercury wetted or dry contact closure.

The 5000 extreme high accuracy is obtained through a design using a unique combination of digital and analog circuit techniques made possible by the use of solid state integrated circuit and hybrid microcircuit technology.

The modular building block design was selected to accommodate both present andfuture needs of process control systems. Variations in requirements for input and output parameters and their accuracies can easily be met for anyapplication by the mere substitution of one module for another.

Within the group 5000, there are options for DC inputs, 2-wire and 3-wireresistance inputs, strain gage inputs and frequency inputs. These options are denoted by the number 4006 suffix as described under Product Description in the AGM ‘Product Index’.

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