Citel Citel Surge Protector, p/n# MLPC1-277L-V Citel Surge Protector Series MLPC for LED Lighting System 120-277VAC, UL Type 4CA - IMAX 22 kA - IN .. Product #: MLPC1-277L-V Regular price: $57.00 $57.00 In Stock

Citel Surge Protector, p/n# MLPC1-277L-V


Product Code: MLPC1-277L-V
Brand: Citel
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Citel MLPC Series AC Surge Protector is an economical, compact SPD for LED drivers. The SPD protects any 120-277 VAC single phase driver from the effects of lightning and switching transients. The unit is installed in series with the load and turns off the LED light fixture when maintenance is required. The MLPC incorporates a CITEL's "no leakage current" NLC technology which significantly increases the life expectancy of the unit while providing protection against temporary overvoltages. The MLPC has screw terminal connectors with an in/out, pass through design. UL1449 4th Edition - Open Type 2. ANSI/IEEE C136.2, Elevated 20kV/10kA. ANSI/IEEE , Category C High Exposure 10kV/10kA.


  • UL1449 Type 2 SPD

  • 120 VAC to 277 VAC

  • Plate Mounting

  • Screw Terminal Connection

  • Series or Parallel Installation

  • Status indicator

  • Disconnection AC end of life

  • EN 61643-11 compliance

  • Total Surge Rating – Itotal: 20kA

  • ANSI C136.2

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