Dwyer Instruments Dwyer Series CFS2 Cable Float Switch, p/n# CFS2-DNBPN-50 Dwyer Series CFS2 PVC Cable, SPDT, 10(8)A 250V~, 50 ft ( 15.24 m) Cable.. Product #: CFS2-DNBPN-50 Regular price: $99.50 $99.50 In Stock

Dwyer Series CFS2 Cable Float Switch, p/n# CFS2-DNBPN-50


Product Code: CFS2-DNBPN-50
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Dwyer Series CFS2 Cable Float Switch is a mechanically actuated floating switch intended to activate electrical components, such as pumps, to start and stop automatically. The CFS2 is perfect for simple level control of liquids for filling or draining reservoirs and tanks. Float switches such as the CFS2 are the most universally used for pump automation, due to their high reliability, economical pricing, and easy installation. Counterweights and cable hangers are available to suit a variety of mounting applications. Optional cables available include those with UL/CSA approval, higher chemical compatibility, high temperature durability, oil resistance, and drinking water suitability. 


  • High reliability with mercury-free, magnetic, mechanical internal design

  • Economical pricing with multiple option available for increased versatility

  • Easy installation with counterweights and cable hangers to suit a variety of mounting applications

Product Applications:

  • Water level monitoring

  • Tank level control

  • High or low level alarm

  • Municipal water control

  • Industrial water control

  • Filling or draining reservoirs and tanks

  • Pump automation

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