Dwyer Instruments Dwyer Series IP Current to Pressure Transducer, p/n# IP-42 Dwyer Series IP Current to Pressure Transducer, 4-20 mA Input, 3-15 PSI (20-100 kPa) Output, Loop Po.. Product #: IP-42 Regular price: $521.15 $521.15 In Stock

Dwyer Series IP Current to Pressure Transducer, p/n# IP-42


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Dwyer Series IP Current to Pressure Transducers converts a current or voltage input signal to a linearly proportional pneumatic output pressure. This versatile instrument is designed for control applications that require a high degree of reliability and repeatability at an economical cost. The rugged NEMA 4X enclosure allows splashdown and outdoor installation.

The Series I/P Transducer is a force balance device in which a coil is suspended in the field of a magnet by a flexure. Current flowing through the coil generates axial movement of the coil and flexure. The flexure moves towards the nozzle and creates back pressure which acts as a pilot pressure to an integral booster relay. Input signal increases (or decreases for reverse acting) cause proportional output pressure increases.

Zero and Span are calibrated by turning adjust screws on the front face of the unit. Adjustment of the zero screw repositions the nozzle relative to the flexure. The span adjustment is a potentiometer that controls the amount of current through the coil.

Unit may be pipe, panel, or bracket mounted. Mounting may be at any angle, though may require field adjustment. High external vibration may cause output fluctuations. Mounting in a vibration-free area is recommended.


Built-in volume booster

Low air consumption

Flexible zero plus span adjustments

NEMA 4X enclosure

Field reversible


  • Operation of valve actuators

  • Pneumatic valve positioners

  • Damper and louver actuators

  • Final control elements

  • Relays

  • Air cylinders

  • Web tensioners

  • Clutches and brakes

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