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Dwyer Series 681 Sanitary Pressure Transmitter, p/n# 681-42


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The SERIES 681 Sanitary Pressure Transmitter is designed to meet 3A standards for applications in food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical processing, liquid level control, and sanitary pipelines. The unit is fully sealed to withstand high pressure wash-down in Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilize-in-Place (SIP) installations. The Series 681 is designed with a unique, no liquid fill diaphragm and a Sanitary Clamp pressure fitting for easy installation with negligible clamping effect. A conduit fitting, shielded cable with vent tube and sealed screws for zero and span adjustment combine to make the Series 681 completely watertight.


Series 681 should not require adjustment at installation. If adjustments are made it is important to replace and tighten the zero and span screws (with O-rings) to prevent moisture from entering.

The 681 is vented through the cable. Connections to the cable should be made in a dry junction box vented to atmosphere. Insure that moisture cannot enter the end of the cable.

The 681 is shipped with a rubber boot over the stainless steel pressure sensing diaphragm to protect the diaphragm during shipment, storage, and handling prior to installation. This boot should not be removed until the transmitter is to be installed and should be used whenever the unit is removed from its installation. Do not contact the diaphragm with sharp objects, screwdrivers or other mechanical devices.


  • Fully sealed to withstand Clean-in-Place and Sterilize-in-Place installations supports regulatory conditions for sanitary processes

  • Sanitary clamp fitting makes for easy installation


  • Sanitary process applications

  • Food and beverage processing

  • Water processing

  • Dairy processing

  • Pharmaceutical processing

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