Elpro Technologies Elpro CFD890EL Dipole Antenna, p/n# ANTCFD890EL The Elpro CFD890EL Ground Independent Dipole Antenna for ELPRO’s 800MHz and 900MHz.. Product #: ANTCFD890EL Regular price: $185.00 $185.00 In Stock

Elpro CFD890EL Dipole Antenna, p/n# ANTCFD890EL


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The ELPRO CFD890EL Dipole Antenna is a ground-independent antenna suitable for use with ELPRO 868 MHz and 900 MHz products.

Vertically polarized with an omnidirectional radiation pattern, the antenna is equipped with a fiberglass radome, brass ferule, and 16.4' (5m) pre-terminated RG-58 low-loss coaxial cable.

Securely mount the antenna using the built-in aluminum ferrule and lock nut, or with the included pole mounting kit.

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