Elpro Technologies Elpro Lightning Surge Diverter, p/n# CSD-SMA-2500 Elpro Surge Diverter for Antenna Cable, SMA (Male) to SMA (Female). Do not use for 5.8 GHz.. Product #: CSD-SMA-2500 Regular price: $135.00 $135.00 In Stock

Elpro Lightning Surge Diverter, p/n# CSD-SMA-2500


Product Code: CSD-SMA-2500
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The Elpro CSD-SMA-2500 Surge Diverter is a low insertion loss for applications up to 2.5GHz. This in-line surge arrestor has SMA male and SMA female connectors and fitted 6mm2 earth cable, that protects the module from the impact of lightning/transients via the antenna port.

The CSD-SMA-2500 is designed to be connected directly to the antenna port allowing simple installation or retrofit.

Used with the CC3, CC10, CC20 SMA male to N-type male coaxial cable kits, allows connection to ELPRO products with SMA female/male antenna connector.

Note: Surge Protection Devices rely on good earthing practices to be effective. This product assumes both a metallic enclosure and good earth connection to the enclosure. If in doubt, apply another earth under the locknut to create a sufficient Earth.

Also note: In applications of high vibration, it is recommended to use CSD-N-6000 Surge Diverter.

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