GF Signet GF Signet Flat pH Electrode, p/n# 3-2724-10 GF Signet pH Electrode, Flat Surface, 3KOhm Balco Thermistor ATC, 3/4" NPT Threads .. Product #: 3-2724-10 (replaces 3-2714) Regular price: $635.00 $635.00 In Stock

GF Signet Flat pH Electrode, p/n# 3-2724-10


Product Code: 3-2724-10 (replaces 3-2714)
Brand: GF Signet
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The Signet 2724-2726 pH and ORP Electrodes features a patented reference electrode design and uses the unique foul-proof patented DryLoc® connector. The large area PE reference junction and pathway is constructed to increase the total reference effectiveness and ensures long service life. The DryLoc® connector with corrosion-resistant gold-plated contacts readily connects the sensor to the mating 2760 preamplifier or the 2750 sensor electronics. The robust Ryton® threaded sensor body and choice of flat pH, bulb pH, or flat ORP sensing elements provides a broad range of chemical compatibility for a wide variety of applications.

There are two optional sensing versions available: HF and LC. The quick temperature response is available in either a PT1000 or a 3 KΩ temperature sensor and allows compatibility with all Signet pH/ORP instruments.

The 2724-2726 electrodes are general-purpose sensors ideal for a wide range of applications. The sensors incorporate 3/4 NPT or ISO 7-1 R3/4 threads for installing into standard pipe-tees. They can also be mounted directly into Signet standard fittings.


 Patented reference design for exceptional performance

 Mounts in Signet standard fitting from 1/2" to 4"

 3/4" NOT threaded sensors

 Special design allows for installation at any angle, even inverted or horizontal

 Ryton (PPS) body for broad range of chemical compatibilty

 Patented DryLoc connector with gold plated contacts

 Quick temperature response

 Bulb and flat HF resistant glass available for trace HF, in less than 2% concentration applications

 Low conductivity sensor available for liquids down to 20 uS/cm


 Water and Wastewater Treatment

 Neutralization Systems

 Scrubber Control

 Effluent Monitoring

 Sanitization Systems

 Pool and Spa Control

 Aquatic Animal Life Support Systems

 Process Control

 Cooling Towers




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