Honeywell Honeywell DR45AT 12'' Truline Circular Chart Recorder, p/n# DR45AT-1000-00-000-0-0000E0-0 Honeywell Series DR45AT Truline Circular Chart Recorder, 1 Input T/C, RTD, 0-5 VDC, 4-20mA, Radimac,.. Product #: DR45AT-1000-00-000-0-0000E0-0 Pre-Order

Honeywell DR45AT 12'' Truline Circular Chart Recorder, p/n# DR45AT-1000-00-000-0-0000E0-0

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Product Code: DR45AT-1000-00-000-0-0000E0-0
Brand: Honeywell
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The Honeywell DR4500 Truline Circular Chart Recorder is a 12" digital circular chart recorder that delivers top performance to meet your process recording needs. The standard Truline model prints its own chart, recording up to four process variables on the same timeline, eliminating errors caused by temperature and humidity changes that affect the paper. The wastewater version (DR45AW) also provides the features required for industrial and municipal wastewater monitoring and recording, including Weir, Parshall flume and Palmer-Bowlus calculations.

With a "one-pen" stylus printhead, Honeywell DR4500 Truline circular chart recorders produce up to four analog traces and prints alphanumeric chart data on a blank heat-sensitive chart. All four traces share the same time line reference which the Truline prints. This eliminates the error caused by pen alignment offsets in conventional pen designs. Since the Truline prints the chart and generates the analog traces at the same time, there is no error due to variations in chart size caused by changes in temperature and humidity.

With microprocessor electronics and single printhead, the Honeywell DR4500 Truline circular chart recorder is easily configured by users to meet a variety of application requirements - from metals to food processing. Models with up to four input channels accept inputs from any one of a variety of sensors or transmitters within the configurable range limits.


  • User-configurable operating parameters

  • Clear, brilliant alphanumeric displays

  • All-purpose thermal chart

    • Eliminates need for stocking multiple charts

  • Up to 4 channels to monitor a variety of sensors

  • Prints configurable alphanumeric chart data

  • Up to two versatile PID digital controllers

  • Real-time, clock, dates, time of printing

  • Accutune II

  • Fuzzy logic to suppress process variable overshoot

  • Setpoint ramp and setpoint rate

  • Includes 24VDC transmitter power supply on all models