HMI's, Controllers and Displays, Flow Measurement and PLC, Flow Computer

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KEP Squirt 1, p/n# Squirt 1

KEP Loop Powered Indicator of Flow Rate & Total, 4-20 mA, Analog Inputs

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KEP Squirt R, p/n# Squirt R

KEP Squirt-R Loop Powered Ratemeter/Process Monitor, 4-20 mA, Analog Inputs

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KEP Hour Meter, p/n# H57

KEP Low Cost Hour Meter H57, 7 Digit Display (99999.99 Hours), AC or DC Voltages

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KEP Minitrol Totalizer/Ratemeter, p/n# MR2A3

KEP MINItrol (MR2) Low Cost, Pulse Input Rate Meter, 4.5 Digit with Two Level, 5 Digit Preset Alarm Control

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KEP Batchtroll II, p/n# BT28A5A2K

KEP BATCHtrol II Batch Controller features 8 digits of bright, 0.55 inch, LED display and can accept up to 20 kHz flow input from pulse producing flowmeters

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