KEP KEP Squirt 1, p/n# Squirt 1 KEP Loop Powered Indicator of Flow Rate & Total, 4-20 mA, Analog Inputs.. Product #: Squirt 1 Pre-Order

KEP Squirt 1, p/n# Squirt 1

Call for Price: 302-337-3600
Product Code: Squirt 1
Brand: KEP
Availability: Pre-Order
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KEP Loop Powered Indicator of Flow Rate & Total Squirt 1 featuring up to 4 1/2 digits of rate and 8 digits of total, the Squirt is a loop powered indicator capable of accepting either linear or square root 4-20 mA inputs. An isolated scaled pulse output is available for hook up to a remote totalizer. Numeric password protection prevents unauthorized access to menu. The easy-to-read menu prompts make the Squirt so easy to program that you will feel comfortable programming it without the use of a manual.


  • 8 Digit Totalizer Display

  • Selectable Digit Display

  • Calibration, High and Low Values Fully Programmable Through Keypad

  • No Dipswitches or Pots to Adjust

  • 16 Bit A/D Resolution

  • Isolated Scaled Pulse Output

  • Password Protection of Menu and Totalizer