LMI Milton Roy LMI Pump ACS Assembled, p/n# PD751-832SI (replaces A151-822SI) LMI Metering Pump Series PD7 Enhanced Control with Pulse Input, Remote Stop/Start and Tank Level Inp.. Product #: PD751-832SI Regular price: $1,163.00 $1,163.00 2 - 3 Days

LMI Pump ACS Assembled, p/n# PD751-832SI (replaces A151-822SI)


Product Code: PD751-832SI
Availability: 2 - 3 Days

LMI Pump Drive Control Series PD7 has a color graphical LCD display, push buttons, menus, auto/manual stroke frequency control, external pulse pacing, remote on/off, tank level indication, system and user totalizers, stay-prime cycling and more.

LMI PD Series Chemical Metering Pump includes an improved drive design, all new electronics, and proven FASTPRIME™ liquid ends. LMI PD Series pump fits seamlessly into your process control application. The Enhanced model offers external control and a large graphical display to provide intuitive access to advanced features such as calibration assist, system and user totalizers, the new STAYPRIME™ degassing technology, and more.


Control Value: Enhanced Control with Pulse Input, Remote Stop/Start, and Tank Level Input
GPH: 1.1
LPH: 4.2
PSI: 150
Bar: 10.2
Voltage: 110/120 VAC US Plug
LE Material: PVDF
Accessory Valve: 4 Function Valve

Large Graphical Display allows easy navigation and configuration
External Control Inputs provide convenient remote access to automate your process
Calibration Assist provides an easy to use calibration process
System & User Totalizers acts as an odometer for your pump
STAYPRIME™ Degassing Technology automates the priming cycle

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