LMI Milton Roy LMI Spare Parts Kit, p/n# RPM-350/351 LMI Spare Parts Kit (Diaph/Balls/Seats) for LE-350/351, PGC, Ceramic  .. Product #: RPM-350/351 Regular price: $182.00 $182.00 In Stock

LMI Spare Parts Kit, p/n# RPM-350/351


Product Code: RPM-350/351
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LMI Pump Spare Parts Kit: Each LMI solenoid metering pump spare parts kit includes the most commonly required items to maintain a dosing pump in good working order: Diaphragm, checkvalve balls, and checkvalve seats (seal rings).


Preventive Maintenance typically include:
Instruction Sheet
Replacement Liquifram™
Cartridge Valves – suction and discharge
Injection Valve components
Shaft Seal

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