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Allen Bradley Micro Controller, p/n# 1761-L32AWA


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The Allen-Bradley 1761-L32AWA is a MicroLogix 1000 Programmable Controller that provides high speed and versatility to applications. It also has various mounting options. The 1761-L32AWA controller has 1K user memory and a 20-point AC input and 12-point relay output as well as an AC power supply controller. DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER!


Communication Networks: RS-232 port that connects to a peer-to-peer network through the DH-485. It also has a Device Net Interface (DNI) for fast response, low cost, and reliable connections.

Simple Programming: Large memory that can be programmed in familiar ladder logic with Micrologic 1000 A.I. Series Software®, or the micro Logix Hand-Held Programmer, among many others.

Speed: Execution time of 1.56 ms.

Input/Output Choices: AC, DC, or analog input options for current and voltage as well as relay, TRIAC, MOSFET and analog output options.

Large Instruction Set: Instructions for applications including simple bits, timers, sequencers, high-speed counter, and shift registers.

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