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Facts Engineering DC Selectable Signal Conditioner, p/n# FC-33


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The FC-33 is a DIN-rail or side-mount, selectable input/output signal conditioner with 1500 VDC isolation between input and output, and 1500 VDC isolation between 24-volt power and input/output. The field configurable input/output types allow a wide ranging capability for 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA signals.

The FC-33 has built-in self-calibration, but also has OFFSET (zero) and SPAN (full scale) adjustments of the output signal. The OFFSET has an adjustment range of 0 to 25% of full scale input and the SPAN has an adjustment of 80% to 102%.

Level LED: The LED is a powerful tool when setting up the signal conditioner. During normal operation the LED will blink at a proportional rate to the selected input signal level. When performing field calibration the LED is used for indication of the internal calibration process.

CAL-Pushbutton: This pushbutton, along with various switch settings, allows you to calibrate the OFFSET and/or SPAN for your application or to restore factory default calibration.


The FC-33, field configurable isolated input/output signal conditioner, is useful in eliminating ground loops and interfacing sensors to PLC analog input modules. The FC-33 has 3-way isolation; this feature solves many types of configuration problems. For example, the signal conditioner can be configured for a sinking input and a sourcing output. It also allows signal translation from current input to voltage output or voltage input to current output.

This feature would be useful in a system design with a limited type and number of channels – for example: eight channels of 0-10 VDC, seven of which are used, and one 4-20 mA input transmitter.

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