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Facts Engineering Isolated Signal Conditioner, p/n# FC-11


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The FC-11 is a DIN-rail or side-mount, 4-20 mA Input/Output loop powered signal conditioner with 1500 VDC isolation between input and output.

The FC-11 has a user-selectable factory calibration. The output can also be calibrated with OFFSET (zero) and SPAN (full scale) adjustments. The OFFSET has an adjustment range of 0 to 25% of full scale input and the SPAN has an adjustment of 80% to 102%.


The FC-11 isolated input/output signal conditioner is useful in eliminating ground loops and sinking/sourcing issues when interfacing to PLC analog input modules. The FC-11 design feature solves many types of configuration problems. For example, the signal conditioner can solve the problem of connecting a sinking input transmitter to a sinking analog input module.

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