MJK MJK Pressure Transmitter 3400, p/n# 209925 MJK Pressure Transmitter Submersible Model 3400, Range 0-30 ft. UL approved for Class 1 Div 1 Groups.. Product #: 209925 Regular price: $1,259.00 $1,259.00 In Stock

MJK Pressure Transmitter 3400, p/n# 209925


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MJK Expert 3400 Level Transmitter is designed for use in waterworks, sewage treatment plants and industrial applications where accurate and long term stable level measuring is required. It is very robust and designed for applications in rough environments with aggressive chemicals and aggressive fluids.

A major design feature is the programming facility with a standard USB interface and laptop computer, the servicing transmitter can be programmed on-the-fly to the required measuring range.

The transmitters are approved for mounting in explosion hazard areas. It has a capacitive measuring system and built-in breather tube for direct air pressure compensation.


PPS Plastics Housing
Ceramic Diaphragm, 99,9 % pure
50 mm Outer Diameter
Programble zero point and span with flexible measuring ranges
Measuring ranges between 0 30 cm and 0 300m.
Improved accuracy better than  ± 0.1 % and stability 0.1 %/year
2-wire 4 - 20 mA Output Signal
High Pull Strength (1000 kg) PUR Cable


Drinking Water

Waste and Process Water

Chemical Resistant 

Tanks with Chemicals  (a range of acids, bases and ferric chloride)

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