Sensorex Sensorex pH Sensor Cartridge, p/n# S656CD Sensorex pH Sensor Cartridge (Hot Tap, Insertion), 0-14 pH, Flat Glass CPVC Body with Molded Bumper .. Product #: S656CD (replaces 970283) Regular price: $233.53 $233.53 In Stock

Sensorex pH Sensor Cartridge, p/n# S656CD


Product Code: S656CD (replaces 970283)
Brand: Sensorex
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Sensorex S656CD pH Sensor Cartridge, flat surface self cleaning pH sensor for use with S675 hot tap (aka wet tap or insertion) assembly. The sensor features flat surface, self-cleaning pH glass for extended maintenance cycles. Protective feet protect against breakage against ball valve or side walls. A unique feature of this sensor is mounting orientation. It can be mounted in any direction whereas most pH sensor should be mounted 5 degrees above the horizontal plane. With the quick disconnect BNC, sensors can be changed in seconds should replacement be required. Designed for use with S675 Assembly and a BV-1 Ball Valve for a complete hot tap pH measurement solution.


  • Reliable CPVC construction: Durable design with built-in measurement glass protection

  • Extended sensor lifetime: Double junction reference protection ensures long sensor lifetime

  • Easy installation: Mount in any orientation for ease of accessibility

  • Simple maintenance: Remove sensors for cleaning and maintenance without system shutdown

  • One year limited warranty


  • Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Laboratory & Analytical

  • Agriculture & Hydroponics

  • Food & Beverage  

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