Sensorex Sensorex Temp Comp Sensor Holder, p/n# EA899TC/P1K Sensorex Temp Comp Sensor Holder, Adapter Body with PT1000 ATC, Solution Ground, for use with S8000 .. Product #: EA899TC/P1K Regular price: $175.25 $175.25 In Stock

Sensorex Temp Comp Sensor Holder, p/n# EA899TC/P1K


Product Code: EA899TC/P1K
Brand: Sensorex
Availability: In Stock

Sensorex Sensor Cartridge Housing for use with S8000 series pH and ORP electrodes. Available with integrated automatic temperature compensation and solution ground. Reduce operating costs of pH sensors by using the modular S8000 platform - only the sensor cartridge must be replaced. For use in submersion or in-line installations.


  • Modular design lowers overall pH sensor cost

  • Easy installation

  • Solution ground available for eliminating measurement errors caused by reference ground potentials

  • Compatible with all Sensorex S8000 Series pH and ORP sensor cartridges

  • One year limited warranty

NOTE: When using EA899TC with either EM800 or EM801, please note that the temperature sensor passes by the electronic module's circuit board (is not conditioned) and is then directly connected to the temperature input connections of the pH transmitter or controller.

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