Siemens Siemens Mag 5100W 4" Mag Meter, p/n# 7ME6520-3TJ12-2AA2 Siemens Flow Tube MAG 5100W 4", EPDM Liner, NSF & WRc Drinking Water Approvals.. Product #: 7ME6520-3TJ12-2AA2 Regular price: $1,686.00 $1,686.00 In Stock

Siemens Mag 5100W 4" Mag Meter, p/n# 7ME6520-3TJ12-2AA2


Product Code: 7ME6520-3TJ12-2AA2
Brand: Siemens
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SITRANS FM MAG 5100 W Full-Bore Electromagnetic Flow Sensor, flanged, diameter DN 25 to DN 2000 (1" to 78"). Suitable for volume flow measurement of liquids (conductive) , for applications in water abstraction, water & wastewater treatment, water distribution networks, custody transfer metering. . DN100, 4 Inch ANSI B16.5, Class 150 carbon steel flanges ASTM A105 (150micron painting) EPDM Liner, Hastelloy C-276 incl. grounding electrodes with remote transmitter (Order transmitter sep) No bus communication 1/2 inch NPT Polyamid Terminal or 6000 I compact.


Water abstraction
Water treatment
Water distribution network (leak detection management)
Custody transfer water meters
Waste water treatment
Filtration plant (e.g. reverse osmosis and ultra filtration
Industrial water applications


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