Siemens Siemens P320 Smart Pressure Transmitter, p/n# 7MF0340-1BL01-5AM2-Z Siemens SITRANS P320 Smart Pressure Transmitter (Basic) for Differential Pressure & Flow PN160 HART .. Product #: 7MF0340-1BL01-5AM2-Z Regular price: $2,433.00 $2,433.00 Pre-Order

Siemens P320 Smart Pressure Transmitter, p/n# 7MF0340-1BL01-5AM2-Z


Product Code: 7MF0340-1BL01-5AM2-Z
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Siemens Sitrans P320 Differential Pressure Transmitters reliably measure the differential pressure of liquids and gases. This differential pressure is commonly used for level control applications. The 7MF0340... produces a 4-20mA output signal linearly proportional to the measured differential pressure reading.

SITRANS P320 Pressure transmitter Differential pressure and flow PN160 HART (4...20 mA) Measuring cell filling: Silicone oil Maximum measuring span: 20 mbar (8.037 inH²O) Oval flange, fastening thread: 7/16-20 UNF (IEC 61518) Diaphragm: Stainless steel 316L/1.4404, measuring cell: Stainless steel 316L/1.4404; Sensor Differential pressure: process flange: Stainless steel 316/1.4408 Die-cast aluminum housing Dual chamber device no Ex 2 x 1/2-14 NPT With display (lid with glass window)


Measuring accuracy of 0.065% of full scale
NEMA 4X housing

Local display shows real-time measurements

Simple push button navigation and programming

Piping and Installation:

The 7MF0340… must be mounted below the minimum water level of the system. It is recommended that the reference leg of the system is piped into the (-) port on the 7MF0340… transmitter. During initial setup it is important to ensure that the reference leg has been filled manually. The reference leg must remain full during operation. When used in a steam vessel this is achieved with a condensate pot which remains completely full due to the condensing steam. It is necessary to have an accessible location at the top of the reference leg and condensation pot system to manually fill the reference leg if necessary. The 7MF0340… should be mounted in the vertical position. For easy installation and setup, it is highly recommended to use a three-valve manifold.

During the startup process the 7MF0340… should be bled of air. This can be done by loosening the plugs opposite of the process connections when the vessel is not under pressure. Once a steady stream of liquid is visible the plugs can be retightened. Since some water may have been drained it is important to refill the reference leg to replace any lost liquid.


In most level control applications, the 7MF0340… is connected to a Siemens RWF5x… PID controller. For these applications, the 7MF0340… is loop powered from the RWF5x… controller. The 7MF0340… will also send a 4-20mA output to the RWF5x… controller. It is important to use watertight electrical connections to ensure the 7MF0340… keeps its NEMA 4X rating.

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