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Time Mark Pump Controller Model TMC430, p/n# TMC430


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The Time Mark Model 430 Pump Controller is a versatile and advanced liquid level/pump management system. The Model 430 was designed to control up to three pumps with a 4-20mA input. It can also be used to control 2 pumps with a 4-20mA input and backup floats or to simply control two pumps with only float inputs. Alarm inputs are provided, if necessary, and may be disabled through the menu system if not used. Alarm inputs are: “SF” -seal fail, “OT” -over temperature, “CF” -contact failure, and “SP” -spare (eg. a second seal fail). A relay output is provided for the level alarm (either high or low), depending on pump configuration; “pump UP” or “pump DOWN”.The LCD screen displays the current depth in an easy to read large text format and also provides a graphical representation of the depth with the set points. Also shown are alarm status and the current date/time. The four buttons allow access to configuration settings (may be password protected), pump status with run time meters, alarm status and real time event logs which record the alarm type, date, time and what triggered the alarm.Alternation functions may be selected, or a specific pump may be chosen as the “lead” pump. Both 4-20mA inputs and outputs (for re-transmission of the transducer signal) are scalable.

The Model 430 comes standard with serial communications for the MODBUS protocol over RS-485 (2 wire link) as well as a USB port for communicating to the proprietary Windows software. The Windows software allows for saving log data to a CSV file for importing to a spreadsheet, as well as allowing the controller configuration to be saved for use as a backup or to easily and quickly program multiple controllers with the same configuration.


Controls up to 3 Pumps with a 4-20mA Input or 2 Pumps with a 4-20mA Input and Backup Floats 

Graphic Display Shows Current Depth, Set-Points, Date/Time and Alarm Status 

Allows Hand-Off-Auto from Menu and USB 

Pumps can be Auto Disabled on Contact Failure and Auto Re-Enable on Contact Failure Correction

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