Horney Industrial Electronics visits the websites below regularly

AGM Electronics - Specializing in Data Acquisition, Control & Interface Products & Systems

Allen Bradley PLC's - Control Solutions set the standard — from the invention of the programmable logic controller nearly 30 years ago to today's open and highly integrated control platforms

Allied Moulded Products - Single Source Solution for Residential Electrical Outlet Boxes

BACO Controls - Industrial Controls

Bellofram - Providing Air Regulators, Relays, Electro Pneumatics (I/P, E/P, P/I)

Dwyer Instruments - Leading Manufacturer in the Controls and Instrumentation Industry

Elpro Technologies - Wireless I/O, Wireless Ethernet and Ethernet Switching Products

GF Signet - Providing Multiple Solutions for virtually all Fluid Processing Requirements

Greyline Instruments - Worldwide Leader in Ultrasonic Instrumentation for Wastewater, Industrial and Environmental Markets

Honeywell - Automation and Control Systems

KEP - Flow Computers, Batch Controllers, HMI Software, MMI, Industrial Displays, Indicators, Timers, Ratemeters and Counters

LMI Milton Roy - Electronic Chemical Metering Pumps

Pulsafeeder - Leading Manufacturer of Fluid Metering, Transfer and Control Technologies

Rosemount - Measurement and Analytical Technologies for Process Clarity and Insight

Sensaphone - Remote Monitoring Systems

Siemens - Innovative Solutions for Industrial Water Reuse

Time Mark - Industrial Control Solutions for the New Millennium

YSI - Environmental Monitoring Instruments, Sensors, Software, Control Systems