GF Signet GF Signet pH/ORP Preamplifier, p/n# 3-2760-1 GF Signet pH/ORP DryLoc Submersible Preamplifier, 15 ft Cable, 3/4'' NPT Threads, use with 3-2724 to.. Product #: 3-2760-1 (replaces 3-2720) Regular price: $615.00 $615.00 In Stock

GF Signet pH/ORP Preamplifier, p/n# 3-2760-1


Product Code: 3-2760-1 (replaces 3-2720)
Brand: GF Signet
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The Signet 2760 pH/ORP Preamplifiers feature a DryLoc® connector, providing a robust connection to Signet DryLoc electrodes.  The 2760 preamplifier allows DryLoc pH/ORP electrodes to work with Signet ProcessPro® and ProPoint® pH/ORP instruments. The DryLoc electrode connector system quickly forms a robust assembly for submersible and in-line installations. Optional NEMA 4X junction enclosures extend the preamplifier cable to long distances.

The 2760 submersible preamplifier can also be used as an in-line preamplifier when used with the ¾ in. or 1 in. threaded sensors including the 2724, 2774 and 2764 series electrodes. The 2760 in-line preamplifier can be used with Signet fittings up to DN100 (4 in.) and Wet-Tap assemblies. The 2760 pH/ORP preamplifiers are compatible with the Signet 8750 and older analog transmitters. The 8900 and 9900 instruments and Profibus Concentrator require the use of the 2751 Smart Sensor Electronics, and are not compatible with the 2760 preamplifier.


 In-line integral mount and submersible installation versions

Compatible with pH or ORP sensors

Patented DryLoc® connector provides a quick and secure connection to the sensor


 Water and Wastewater Treatment

 Neutralization Systems

 Scrubber Control

 Effluent Monitoring

 Surface Finishing

 Flocculent Coagulation

 Heavy Metal Removal and Recovery

 Toxics Destruction

 Sanitization Systems

 Aquatic Animal Life Support Systems

 Pool and Spa Control

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