LMI Milton Roy LMI Spare Parts Kit, p/n# RPM-352/358 LMI Spare Parts Kit, (Diaph/Balls/Seats). LiquiPro PVDF/Polyprel cartridges for 350/351/352/358/450/.. Product #: RPM-352/358 Regular price: $174.00 $174.00 In Stock

LMI Spare Parts Kit, p/n# RPM-352/358


Product Code: RPM-352/358
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LMI Spare Parts Kits will extend the life of your pump. Spare Parts Kits are available for Liquid Ends and Four Function Valves (4FVs) that include all items that should be replaced during a preventative maintenance session or pump rebuild. These are available as "SP- " for the older LMI pumps and as "RPM-Kits" for the newer liqui-Pro liquid ends. In all cases NPI recommends replacing the Liquidframe check valve balls & seats (cartridges, seals & washers for Liqui-Pro!) that are included in the spare parts kits (SP-version and RPM kits).

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