Sensorex Sensorex Electrode Adapter, p/n# EA891 Sensorex Electrode Adapter for S8000 Series Sensors, Submersion Mount, No Temperature Compensation, .. Product #: EA891 Regular price: $76.51 $76.51 In Stock

Sensorex Electrode Adapter, p/n# EA891


Product Code: EA891
Brand: Sensorex
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Sensorex Electrode Adapter, fully submersible, PPS construction adapters to connect cap cable to electrode. Models available with or without ATC elements, and for submersion or in-line installations. User-configurable self-cleaning, flat-surfaced electrodes for almost any application. Extended Reference Path (ERPâ„¢) technology for long life and stability. Modular plug-and-play design. Optional plug-in electronics produce amplified or mA signals.

These cartridge-style electrodes are the next generation of the well-proven Cole-Parmer cartridge electrodes. The user configurable, plug-and-play nature of the system provides the ultimate in flexibility and versatility—purchase as few, or as many components needed for your application. If your application needs later change, single components can be added or subtracted, saving time and money of having to replace an entire system.

The reference system of the ERP-series has been enhanced with severe-duty reference gels to provide protection against thermal and chemical breakdown. In addition, a complex double-junction pathway protects the reference cell from contamination from heavy metals, sulfur, iodine, or proteins.

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