Sensorex Sensorex Cable Assembly, p/n# S855-20-TL-TL Sensorex Multiconductor Cable Assembly for S8000 Series Sensors, 20 ft, Tinned Leads/Tinned Leads, S.. Product #: S855/20/TL/TL Regular price: $117.00 $117.00 In Stock

Sensorex Cable Assembly, p/n# S855-20-TL-TL


Product Code: S855/20/TL/TL
Brand: Sensorex
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Sensorex S855 Cable Assembly is shielded and low-noise for S8000 series pH and ORP sensors. The cable assembly features a 3/4″ NPT thread submersion installations. The S855 is for use with pH/ORP and conductivity sensors and holders with automatic temperature compensation.


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