Sensorex Sensorex Electrode Adapter, p/n# EA899 Sensorex Electrode Adapter for S8000 Series pH/ORP Sensors, Submersion or In-Line Mount, No Temperat.. Product #: EA899 Regular price: $145.25 $145.25 In Stock

Sensorex Electrode Adapter, p/n# EA899


Product Code: EA899
Brand: Sensorex
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Sensorex Sensor Cartridge Housing for use with S8000 series pH and ORP electrodes. Available with (EA899TC) integrated automatic temperature compensation and solution ground or without ATC (EA899 or EA891; EA 899 includes solution ground. Reduce operating costs of pH sensors by using the modular S8000 platform – only the sensor cartridge must be replaced. For use in submersion or in-line installations.

  • Reduce operating costs of pH sensors: Modular design lowers overall pH sensor cost

  • Easy installation: No tools required for attaching the S8000 pH or ORP sensors

  • High-accuracy measurements: Solution ground input eliminates measurement errors caused by reference ground potentials

  • Compatible with a wide variety of sensors: For use with all Sensorex S8000 series pH and ORP sensors

  • One year limited warranty

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