In order to limit surges generated by lightning to an acceptable level for equipment and installations, the most efficient solution is setting up a protection device against these surges, called « SPD » (Surge Protective Devices) on AC power or communication networks of the installation to protect

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Citel Dataline Surge Protector p/n# DLC-24D3

Citel Dataline Surge Protector DLA Series, 6 V, 1 Pair + Shield DIN Rail Mountable Surge Protector

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Citel Surge Protector p/n# MLPC1-277L-V

Citel Surge Protector UL Type 2CA , AC 10kA 2W+G 2CA 120-277V, Single Phase

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Citel Hardwired AC Surge Proctector p/n# TSP15M-P-24D3

Citel Hardwired AC Surge Protector, TSP15M-P-24D3 / TSP15MP24D3 (RQAUS1) HW Signal Line DC SPDS, Leased Line 4-20MA, 32VAC, 5KA, 15 KA, UL Compliant Design

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