Environmental Monitoring Instruments, Sensors, Software, Systems and Data Collection Platforms for Water Quality Monitoring and Testing

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YSI Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe for IQ SensorNet Systems, p/n# 201 650Y

YSI FDO 700 IQ Optical DO Probe for connection to the IQ SensorNet System, 0-20.00 mg/L

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YSI IQ SensorNet 282/284 Controller, p/n# 472 110Y

YSI DIQ/S 282-CR3, IQ SensorNet Controller, 2 Sensor Connections, 3 Current Output, 3 Relays

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YSI IQ SensorNet Junction Box Module, p/n# 480 008Y

YSI Passive Junction Box with 4 IQ SensorNet Connections

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YSI IQ SensorNet Sensor Cable, p/n# 480 044Y

YSI IQ Sensor Connection Cable 15m (49.2 ft.)

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YSI Quick Release Mounting Bracket for IQ Sensors p/n# 245 8000Y

YSI Quick Release Stainless Steel Handrail Mounting Bracket for IQ Sensors with 1.5 inch PVC Couplers and End Cap

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