YSI YSI Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe for IQ SensorNet Systems, p/n# 201 650Y YSI FDO 700 IQ Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe for connection to the IQ SensorNet System, 0-20.00 mg/.. Product #: 201 650Y Regular price: $1,924.00 $1,924.00 In Stock

YSI Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe for IQ SensorNet Systems, p/n# 201 650Y


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The FDO Optical DO Sensor, luminescence-based, for the IQ SensorNet process monitoring system. The FDO is a reliable, proven, long-term solution for continuous DO monitoring that can help optimize your aeration system and lower energy costs. Replaceable sensor cap provides a longer life and simple maintenance. A standard sensor cap (SC-FDO 700) is provided for typical applications. A fast response cap (SC-FDO 701) is available for highly dynamic environments. The FDO is a good choice for process control of activated sludge aeration to provide optimal conditions for nitrification and minimizing energy usage.

The sensor works directly with YSI advanced wastewater process monitoring and control platform the IQ SensorNet 2020 3G controller or YSI simplified IQ SensorNet 282/284 controller.


  • No electrodes or electrolyte or calibration required

  • 45 degree angle sensor cap eliminates over-estimate of DO due to bubbles bursting on the sensor cap

  • Options for seawater, freshwater and Class 1, Division 2 applications

  • Intelligent sensor cap; factory calibration data is automatically uploaded

  • Extremely long sensor cap life

  • 2-year warranty on probe and SC-FDO 700 sensor cap, 6-month warranty on SC-FDO 701 sensor cap


  Stationary measurements in water/wastewater applications in non-hazardous locations only


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